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She is an extremely special one inspired by the famous Beatrix Potter Tales that we love reading so much in our family!


She is made of terry fabric, pure wool, and cotton.

She wears a Victorian Bonnet and a matching shawl decorated with a vintage very old French Lace that belonged to her Grandmother's precious collection!


Her face is hand embroidered with cotton thread.


On hot summer days, Emily loves walking along with ponds and from time to time sit on grass and put her paws into the water. She has a beautiful garden and you will always see and smell fresh cut flowers in her tiny and tidy home. She is a truly lady and loves enjoying 5 o'clock tea with her friends.


For children 3+ years old.


This lady is ready to be shipped. He comes with a personal cotton bag wrapped in tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.

Emily The DUCK

Expected to ship by the end of the following month
  • - Color: ivory, mint, lavender, pink, orange
    - Size : 14 cm/ 5,5" 
    - Material: cotton, wool, terry fabric
    - How to Care: Dry clean

    Handmade in Switzerland

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