Mommy Bear vintage pillow is made of 100% cotton vintage fabric with precious print on it. Back side of a pillow is made of matching cotton fabric  and it is fillled with hypo allergenic hollowfibre polyester. It's decorated with handmade crochet lace trim made of bio cotton. Cased in pure cotton, it can go in the washing machine and tumble dryer when you feel it needs freshening up.

Made specially for vintage lovers and mommas to keep that very first moment of holding their babies for the first time! Would perfectly fit any vintage nursery.

It is great for kids of any age. The size is just perfect and fits a child car sits, stroller and nursery. You can take it with you everywhere you go!

This gorgeous pillow is ready to be shipped. It comes with a cotton dust bag and will be wrapped in pale pink tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.


At additional cost you can add a personal name embroidery on a pillow back such as name or a monograme. 

Mommy Bear Vintage Pillow

  • - Color: lavender, brown, ivory, green, black, light brown
    - Size : 27 cm/ 10,6" high and 30cm/ 11,8" wide
    - Material: bio cotton, cotton yarn
    - How to Care: Pillow should only need to be washed once or twice a year unless there is a spill or accident. Before you begin the washing process, check the pillow carefully for rips and tears. Use cold or warm water, only a small amount of detergent and select the gentle cycle. When the cycle is complete, run the pillows through an extra rinse cycle to ensure that all of the detergent is rinsed away. Add clean tennis balls to help break any clumps. The dryer should be set on low to medium heat. Stop the dryer every 15 minutes and re-fluff the pillows by hand. It will take longer than a normal load to get the pillows completely dry.

    Handmade in Switzerland




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