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This listing is for Rainbow Unicorn!


Baby unicorn is made of a cotton fabric! Her mane is super soft and made of wool, silk and cashmere. She has a  horn decorated with tinie embroidery around. 

Her face is hand embroidered with a cotton thread. She has cute pink cheeks. 

She is a happy little Unicorn that is quite the dreamer. She enjoys spending time in nature and flying from flower to flower. She is a kind unicorn that is sure to bring a smile to all who see her!

Save for children for the age 3+.

This lovely young lady is ready to be shipped. She comes with a personal cotton bag and will be wrapped in pale pink tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.


Rainbow Baby Unicorn

Expected to ship by the end of December
  • - Color: ivory, lavender, grey, white, golden
    - Size : 7 cm/ 2,8"
    - Material: cotton, wool, silk, cashmere
    - How to Care: the doll - gentle dry clean only

    Handmade in Switzerland

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