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Rory is a pink owlet. She is made of cotton fabric with a fluffy tummy made of a faux fur. She wears a beautiful knit bonet made silk & mohair. All clothing is removable.

Her face is made of wool and is hand embroidered with a cotton thread.

She a curious little girl and having so many why? what? and how? popping up in her head all day every day:)

This lovely young lady is ready to be shipped. She comes with a personal cotton bag and will be wrapped in pale pink tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.

P.S. Very soon we will release an additional cloth collection for owls, so you'd be able to change her look as you wish, by having additional items.

Rory the Owlet

Expected to ship by the end of the following month
  • - Color: pink, ivory, black, white
    - Size : 17 cm/ 6,7"
    - Material: cotton, wool, silk, mohair, faux fur
    - How to Care: Dry clean

    Handmade in Switzerland

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