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Who have never ever heard or read a famous "Dracula" book by

Bram Stoker?

Dracko is a vampire. He is made of cotton and pure bio wool. He wears a a shirt with cufflinks and a bat bow-tie, jeans (Yes he is a cool guy! lol) and a Bat Cape made of a very old velvet fabric and gorgeous bat lining and don't forget to check out his boots! Too fancy and just perfect for the castle cold floors!

His face is hand embroidered with a cotton thread.


He is truly one of a kind!

Dracko is a nice guy! He doesn't bite, but kiss instead and instead of blood he prefers a fresh pressed tomato juice! Isn't it cool? huh

So you have no worries when going to bed! He will sing you lullabies!

For children 3+ years old.

This handsome guy is ready to be shipped. He comes with a personal cotton bag and will be wrapped in a tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.

Dracko The Vampire

Out of Stock
  • - Color: black, green, white, beige.
    - Size : 34 cm/ 12,6"
    - Material: bio wool, cachemire, cotton
    - How to Care: Dry clean

    Hand stitched in Switzerland

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