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   My passion for making dolls first started when I received some lovely Tilda

toys growing up. I could not stop looking at them! One day, I decided to make

my own toy. I was excited, enthusiastic, and scared all at the same time! I

thought it was funny how my first toy I created looked like me! After that first

experience making my own toy, I could not stop…

    All of my family and friends were surprised when I showed them my first

toy. They couldn’t believe what I could do and kept saying “I did not know that

you can sew!” Well guess what? Neither could I! Life is unpredictable and

sometimes we discover talents in ourselves we didn’t know we had!

    Looking back, I realize my mother was always doing something by

hand, from knitting to crocheting. Perhaps that’s where my knack for making

handmade creations originated? It’s in my genes!

    Sewing toys soon became my new hobby. This is what I love to do most

of all and brings great joy to my life every day! Every stitch, every doll created

makes me happier than I ever thought I would be!

    When hand crafting these amazing dolls, the most important things for

me are originality and quality. I prefer to work with high quality and eco-

friendly materials. I pour so much love and attention into each doll and try to

give them their own personalities! Every toy is given a name and his or her own story to tell!

    Throughout my life, I have felt the continuous love and support of my

friends and family. I want to say THANK YOU to my beloved husband for

understanding and supporting me. It would not be possible to make my dreams come to life without you.


Julia D.

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