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FranKey is a cute monster. He is made of cotton fabric and wears cute swimming pants, float arm sleeves, and an amazing shark head stitched and embroidered, especially for him! All clothing is removable.

Her face is hand embroidered with a cotton thread.

This buddy thinks about nothing, but pool parties and beach life! He is all ready to swim around, meet sharks, and most of all he dreams to hug them all, that's why he has that cute shark head on!

The best part, is if someone decides to pick your keys, strong shark jaws will remind that person that maybe it's not the best idea!


He is your best pocket friend, you can add him to your keys so he can keep an eye on them when you are busy:) or you can just hang him somewhere in your car and he always will make you smile when you drive.

For little ones, he will become the first friend teaching them to close doors and always keep a key in a pocket:)

Absolutely save for children.

This buddy is ready to be shipped. He comes wrapped in pale pink tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.


FranKeyShark a Key Keeper

Out of Stock
  • - Color: green, blue, grey, yellow, white, black
    - Size : 10 cm/ 3,9"
    - Material : cotton, wool
    - How to Care: Dry clean

    Handmade in Switzerland

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