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Matthew is a little boy and the main character of  "Veronica's Bookstore" book written by Iva Beranek, a wonderful person, and a talented writer.


Who is Matthew?


"Matthew Alden, Veronica's grandson, grew up in the shadow of her story. He never met her because she died in 1993 when she was eighty, three years before Matthew's birth. But his mother spoke of her mother often. Besides, Veronica was a legend in the town, so Matthew heard many stories about her, most of which were true.


Matthew had short, dark hair, with a few curls resting on his forehead. He had deep blue eyes,  and a tender smile. He appeared shy among those he did not know well, but otherwise, he had a lively character. Matthew lived with his mother Lucy, father Tom, and grandfather Lewis, Veronica's husband. Like his grandmother, the boy learned to love books, and so he was inspired by the stories that were still being told about Veronica.


He was an inquisitive and good-hearted boy. And I'm sure he would like to get to know You more, if by reading about him in the book, you may become his friend."


He is made of cotton and pure wool, he is stuffed with hypoallergenic toy stuffing with Oeko-Tex Certification. 

He wears pants, a white shirt, a warm winter jacket, a knitted scarf and brown winter boots, ah and as a real gentleman a tie, a wonderful blue tie!

All the clothing is removable.


His face is hand embroidered with a cotton thread, and his hair is pure wool.


For children 3+ years old.


PLEASE NOTE, it is a PREORDER listing.

If you place your order before the 10th of a current month, your Doll will be shipped at the end of that very month, if later, it will be shipped at the end of the following month along with other orders.


The Book is not included in the listing!

If you'd love to add the book to your doll please click here


MATTHEW DOLL from "Veronica's Bookstore" book by Iva Beranek

  • - Color:        ivory, black, blue, grey, brown
    - Size:          14 cm/ 5,5" 
    - Material:  cotton, wool
    - How to Care: Dry clean

    Handmade in Switzerland

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