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Joujou brooch is handstitched and made of pure wool. It is a unique design. The face is hand embroidered with cotton thread.


You can customize this baby by adding a blue happy for a boy or keep a pink one for a girl.

Just choose right option and a menu. 

They will make you smile and make your outfit unforgettable! Lots of compliments your way are promised!

Save for children for the age 3+.

Ready to be shipped. They come with a paper box and will be wrapped in pale pink tissue paper and twine with a handmade gift tag.


Moma-Cado Avocado Brooch

  • - Colors:  gree, pale green, pink, golden, white
    - Size :     5 x 3 cm / 2" x 1,2"        
    - Material: cotton, wool

    - How to Care: gentle cold spot clean


     Handmade in Switzerland

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